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With Bug Shooting create screen captures and send them to various bug tracking
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Bug Shooting is an application for taking screenshots. It was designed for people who want to make various screenshots quickly and easily. With the help of this application you will be able to make some basic screenshots, like a screenshot of your desktop or a program's window, as well as specific ones; for example, certain areas of a window. The program also allows you to take delayed screenshots and set hotkeys for taking screenshots. Moreover, Bug Shooting enables you to edit your screenshots; all mentioned above makes it a fully-featured application.
In my opinion, the most interesting of the program's screenshot-taking capabilities, is the capability to take delayed screenshots. This means, you are allowed take a screenshot of your screen not right at the moment of clicking on a hotkey, but after a specified period of time which can be easily set in the program's settings tab.Thus, Bug Shooting provides you with the opportunity to set up the screen exactly the way you wanted to show it.
Screenshots taken by the program can be saved in JPG or PNG image file formats. All the major functions of the application can be accessed either through a hotkey or from its tray icon.
This version of the program is completely free, but there is also the later (2.0) version, which is free to try only.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Built-in screen magnifier
  • Allows you to set hotkeys
  • Free


  • It lacks an option to take screenshots of several open windows
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